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Evernote’s iOS app just received a much-needed interface makeover. It’slighter, easier to navigate, and faster in creating notes, whether they’re audio, photos, reminders, or text.

You’ll notice Evernote 8.0’s improvements on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Some of the new features/refinements are already in the Evernote Android app or will be coming soon, a company representative told me. Here are five enhancements you’ll likely appreciate — plus one feature I’m still hoping Evernote will add.

evernote app iosEvernote

How Evernote on iPad used to look.

1. Less clutter

When you open Evernote for iOS, the home screen displays all your notes in a list, with the most recent first. The note previews are larger than before, so you can get a better sense of each note’s contents right away. The net effect is that the home screen feels less cluttered, more modern.

You can change the note list’s settings, choosing between small, medium, or large previews; turning off images or body text in previews; and organizing how notes in the list are sorted (by date updated, date created, or note title).

2. It’s easy to create different types of notes

Evernote has improved navigation, making it easy to create notes quickly. You can create new text notes by single-tapping the green ‘+’ button. Or, press and hold the button, or press and drag up, to quickly capture an audio note, a photo, or a new reminder.

3. It’s easy to filter notes

You can now filter notes in your list by tags, by tapping the tags icon, or by reminders, by tapping the reminder icon. Both icons live to the right of the search bar.

4. Switching between accounts

Have separate personal and business Evernote accounts? The app now lets you access both accounts and move notes from one to another.


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