Adviser gadget of the week: MeetEdgar – Money Marketing

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While the new rules prohibiting cold-calling about pensions are an important move to protect consumers, they will make it more difficult for legitimate, authorised advisers to attract new clients. This makes maintaining a good social media presence even more valuable.

MeetEdgar is described as being “like hiring a content manager for a fraction of the cost”. Designed for small businesses to enable them to manage social media activity in a consistent but time-saving manner, content can be scheduled to automatically re-share across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

The unique selling point for the service is the ability to re-use content. Posts are saved rather than deleted after use, meaning users can build up a queue of content which will be republished automatically multiple times.

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The user can start and stop the flow and shuffle the order of the queued posts. In-app click tracking enables them to see when content is generating traffic to their website and so on.

The service appears expensive relative to other social media management tools at $49 per month (or $539 per year – 12 months for the price of 11) but the free 14-day trial does not require your payment details at outset, which is good. See

Ian McKenna is director of the Finance & Technology Centre


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