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The company’s latest release, iOS 10.2, has reportedly worsened the problem for some users. 
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Apple’s latest iOS version, iOS 10.2, is set to receive yet another update in the coming months in the form of the new iOS 10.3. In the meantime, the company is busy dishing out betas, which is actually now in its fourth iteration. However, none of the betas that have been released so far have addressed the elephant in the room, more specifically the growing issues concerning the iPhone’s battery problems.

The iPhone’s “30% bug” has long been reported by several users since late last year. The battery issue mainly plagues the iPhone 6S model, but numerous reports have come in, which seems to suggest that other iPhone models running iOS 10.1 and above may also be experiencing the issue. The problem mainly lies when the smartphone reaches 30 percent or lower, after which the device just randomly shuts down.

The company has already issued a limited battery recall program for the iPhone 6S, but Apple is adamant that the problem is only limited to a certain number of devices. However, based on the growing posts on the company’s official Support Communities website, this might not be the case at all. China, through its government watchdog the China Consumers Association, has even declared that Apple has failed to meet its consumer’s needs by not admitting that there is, in fact, an issue with its products.

The company’s latest release, iOS 10.2, has even reportedly worsened the problem for some users. Those who are affected by the “30% bug” are now hoping for a fix in any of the upcoming updates, but Apple is still silent on the matter. Their silence has even now triggered a wave of rumors that Apple may eventually launch a massive iPhone recall program should they fail to get to the bottom of the issue or fix the problem with a software update. For now, affected users just have to wait and see if iOS 10.3 will contain the cure for the problem that has been ailing their device since iOS 10.1 was released.

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