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Chantelle Navarro

By Chantelle Navarro |

Published 01/23 2017 06:30PM

Updated 01/23 2017 06:30PM

    Prosecutors presented more physical evidence to the jury during another day of testimony in the Todd Smith murder trial. Winnebago County Sheriff’s Detective Bob Juanez took the stand today. He says he examined Todd Smith’s laptop and found the GPS tracking software “Super Trackstick,” the same program that was deleted two days after Katrina smith’s disappearance. Juanez also said GPS pings matched the locations of where Katrina’s belongings were found near the Rock River.
    They also found a saved file labeled ‘KS, 10412.’ KS for Katrina Smith, October 4 2012 being the same day Katrina and the man she had an affair Guy Gabriel first had drinks together.
    Juanez also read aloud a letter written by Todd Smith addressed to his wife.
    “Please know this. I trust you, I know what kind of person you are and I know that your integrity would prevent you from cheating,” Detective Bob Juanez.
    Police also searched his internet history to find he google searched “tallest bridge in Rockford” on October 6. Prosecutors rested their case this afternoon and it’s now the defense’s turn.
    Court is in recess until 9am tomorrow.

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