iPhone 8: 7 features we want to see on Apple's next smartphone –

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THERE’S NO DENYING that the iPhone has come a very long way since it first hit the shelves back in 2007, but much to our dismay even the latest variants — the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus — are missing a number of fundamental features, like wireless charging and a high-resolution display.

This sparked the question: “What features would we like to see on board the next iPhone”?, which is expected to arrive as the iPhone 8, rather than the iPhone 7S, as Apple gears up for a major launch to mark ten years of the iPhone.

7. Dual-camera configuration for the regular model


It would be nice if Apple brought the dual-camera from Plus-branded model to the smaller variant; enabling owners of the iPhone 8 to enjoy the same 2x optical zoom and depth of field effects that iPhone 7 Plus users have been playing around with for the past few months.

It’s believed that the Cupertino company didn’t include the camera module on the regular iPhone 7 because it took up too much space. However, rumours are now circulating suggesting that it’s found a way to mount the component vertically, in order to save on space, which should be an effective solution the problem.


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