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Sometimes it can seem like our Android phones are stranded on an island. While the Google Play Store is loaded with top-notch apps and utilities to help us get things done, we’re kind of stuck when we want to take that work to another device. There may be a handful of Chromebooks that can run Play Store apps and a couple tablets that aren’t completely terrible, but for the most part, there aren’t any worthy Android companion devices that let you seamlessly move from a mobile app to a desktop one.

But if you find yourself gazing enviously at your Apple friends who can switch between their Mac, iPad, and iPhone with ease, we’re here to tell you that you don’t have to give up your Android phone to replicate the experience. There are any number of apps out there that let you move freely between your phone and PC with the same convenience and flexibility that iCloud affords, and you don’t have to buy any new equipment to do it.


Your Google account is the key to unlocking essential services like email and calendars on your phone, but it also includes a great suite of free office apps that can handle everything from notes to spreadsheet. The great thing is that it’s all cross-platform. Anything that you create in Docs, Sheets, or Slides can be edited on your PC just by logging into your Google account on your favorite browser. With a variety of templates and powerful tools that translate well over the web, Google’s apps are a fantastic way to keep your work in sync.

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Google Docs effortlessly syncs all of your files between your Android phone and PC.

Google Docs isn’t the only productivity suite in town, however. You’ll have to spend a few bucks to get hooked up with Office 365, but it’s well worth the price of admission. While Microsoft was slow to embrace the mobile realm with its venerable suite of apps, they’ve come on strong. With a 360 subscription for $100 a year or $10 a month, you’ll have the power of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on all of your devices. And it’s not just web apps (although they work very well). Microsoft also lets you download each of the apps to your desktop, and you need only store your files in OneDrive to sync your documents from your phone to your PC. Changes are tracked between devices, and you can share and collaborate with ease.


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