Mid laner Lee "Easyhoon" Ji-hoon on SK Telecom T1 before joining Vici Gaming Riot Games – ESPN

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Vici Gaming earned its first win of the Chinese League of Legends Pro League, knocking off Newbee in a drawn out, three-game series.

Game 1 looked to be a toss-up early on; while Vici Gaming’s mid and top lanes took large CS leads, Newbee’s bot lane was equally ahead. Unfortunately for Newbee, the solo lanes were what would end up making the difference. VG top laner Zhu “Loong” Xiao-Long would grab his team’s first four kills, and Lee “Easyhoon” Ji-hoon on Syndra would then solo-kill Yu “Cool” Jia-Jun’s Corki, leading to a mid-lane turret and Ocean Drake for Vici. VG would snowball their advantages into teamfights, Baron, and Elder Drake to end the game.

The early game of Game 2 drifted somewhat in VG’s favor; they were able to gank Bao “V” Bo to get first blood at five minutes, and drew out both of NB’s Teleports in an even kill trade in the bottom lane. Once the mid game rolled around, however, everything went right for Newbee. Starting with a pick onto Cool that turned into a 4-1 fight in favor of Newbee, every move that Vici attempted was thwarted and turned on its head. Newbee would eventually win their umpteenth fight in a row to take the game.

The final game of the series had quite the slow opening, with the first kill of any real consequence coming onto Cool, leading to a turret and Ocean Drake for VG. The slow nature of the game continued to unfold as VG methodically marched from objective to objective, happily capitalizing on Newbee’s passive nature. Multiple Baron and dragon kills effectively ended the game, as VG profited from the massive buffs, pushing in its opposition’s base and killing the Nexus.


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