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While we (patiently) wait for Spider-Man: Homecoming to grace movie screens this summer, we’ve learned a little more about the movie – as well as Peter Parker’s best friend. has reported that Spidey himself, Tom Holland, recently reserved as a celebrity presented for Dell at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, and while talking about the company’s product deal with Sony, he talked a little bit about how Peter Parker’s best buddy is a bit of a gaming nerd.

During his CES 2017 presentation (in the video below), Holland explained that Spidey’s mentor, Tony Stark, provided him with a high-tech suit that he doesn’t fully understand. But it helps to have a gaming geek provide a little guidance.

“Luckily enough, my best friend in the movie, Ned Leeds, is a complete gamer,” Holland explained, and also talked about how he, along with Parker, used a Dell Inspiron to examine the new suit and just what it’s made of.

While the idea of Parker being baffled by a tech suit may be a bit off for some fans, it does fit in with the promotional side of the deal. And Holland didn’t quite go into detail about just what kind of gamer Leeds really is. But at least it sounds like more than just being a regular pastime.

Spider-Man: Homecoming opens in theaters July 7th. It’s for everyone, including you gamer geeks.


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