Stolen iPad leads investigators to suspects in string of burglaries – KKTV 11 News

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) For months, Colorado Springs Police have been investigating several burglaries at construction sites in Colorado Springs.

John Defranco works for Nunn Construction; one of their sites was hit last month.

The crooks made off with thousands of dollars of equipment, including laptops, a TV, hand tools and Defranco’s iPad.

“I realized I could track my iPad that they had stolen via my iPhone,” said Defranco.

Police followed it and it led them right to Marisa Garett’s home where she handed the iPad over to investigators.

“I’m not a tech savvy person to begin with, but sheer luck,” said Defranco.

One day later, another investigator who was looking into an attempted burglary at different construction site visited Garett’s home. She reportedly mentioned returning a stolen iPad over to police. After comparing the crimes and surveillance images from some of the burglaries, police were able to get a search warrant for Garett’s home, where they allegedly found many of the stolen items from the construction sites.

“It makes me feel real well. A bit of vindication,” said Defranco.

Garett’s boyfriend, Cody Gracy, was also arrested for the crimes. They are both facing felony burglary charges.


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