The Genesis 4 Smash Bros. Gaming Cabinets Are Pretty Sweet – WWG

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This weekend’s Genesis 4 Smash Bros. tournament is underway, with a bunch of gamers getting together to prove who’s the best of the best in Nintendo’s fighting game. But they’ll be doing so on some neat cabinets that really stand out in a gaming crowd.

Kotaku is reporting that some very nice cabinets have been provided for the tournament, featuring Red Bull branding on the cabinet and sweet arcade-style designs on the front and sides of the cabinet. They comfortably hold CRT monitors (a must for a tournament such as this) and also have designated cup holders, with twenty in all.

Alex Jebailey, the founder of CEO Gaming, took a pic of the cabinets and posted it to Twitter, and, wow, it actually kind of makes us want one at the office. “These are amazing,” he notes. “@redbullesports created customized Melee cabinets on wheels with built in Wiis on the front and CRTs inside.” The front of the cabinet looks pretty sweet, too. Jebailey noted that Red Bull may actually use them for other events. Do we sense an EVO arrival sometime this summer…?

And the cabinets have been getting some good use as well, as players have been going at them nonstop since their arrival from the previous evening. “It’s special because it’s never been done before in more than a one-off, to my knowledge,” he noted.

Hey, Alex, do you do custom requests…?


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