Thief steals money, iPad from local church – NBC Nebraska

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HASTINGS, Neb. — Police are looking into a couple of suspects regarding a local church break-in.

The pastor of Faith Community Tabernacle said he’s sad this happened and he can’t believe it happened at his church.

Police said the incident happened sometime between Sunday evening and Wednesday.

The suspects forced entry through a basement window to get to the pastor’s office, where they broke in the door to steal a safe containing collections from Sunday morning’s service. An iPad was also stolen.

Officials think the suspects exited through the front door.

“It sounds like the church and its pastor has done everything it could,” Sgt. Brian Hessler with the Hastings Police Department said. “The building was locked up and they have taken the precautions that they thought they could take.” “Sometimes bad things just happen,” he added.

Sgt. Hessler said there are no reported injuries of any members of the church.

Police said this is an ongoing investigation.


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