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Today’s gaming industry is full of high-end games. However, there are still hope for low-end PC users, as many amazing low-spec games are still available today. (Photo : ConcernedApe/YouTube)

This year’s gaming industry is filed with high-end games, which requires a very high PC specifications. This makes a lot of low-end PC users sad, as they will not be able to play the latest games today. However, there are also number of games that do not require a high-end PC. Due to this, fans might consider not upgrading yet, as they can still play many games on their low-end PC.

Stardew Valley Is One Of The Best Low-End PC Games In Today’s Gaming Industry

Stardew Valley has been loved by so many fans. It is considered one of the best farming game today. Stardew Valley can be played on almost every PC, as it requires only 2GB of RAM and 256mb of video memory. The game has been receiving a lot of positive feedbacks, which makes it very popular. Due to this, low-end pc gamers might consider getting this game, especially the farming game lovers.

Stars In Shadow Brings An Intense Space Battle On Low-End PCs

Stars Shadow is a turn-based game, where players will conquer different planets and fight other spaceships. Space battle gamers will surely love this game. There are almost no requirements for the game, which is very convenient for everyone. It only needs a dual core CPU to run. There are a lot of features in this game that will definitely keep players busy.

Duelyst Is One Of The Best Card Game On Low-End PCs

Duelyst has a lot of great things to offer in terms of card battles. It has an amazing concept that has been loved by so many fans. The game can run on almost every PC. It is also being updated until now, making players very happy. Rumors suggest that the game has a very high potential to beat the Hearthstone.

Stardew Valley can be played on PC.

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